Friday, 22 June 2012

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A husband was presented with the task of delivering his twin daughters last week – on his living room couch.
Bryan Townend, 28, found himself playing the role of midwife to his wife Megan at 11pm on Wednesday night as he introduced babies Leah and Suzanne into the world.
It was all very sudden, as Mr. Townend explained.
“Megan went into labour in our living room... One minute she was fine and the next she was having contractions every few minutes.”
He called for an ambulance the moment he realised what was happening, but before the paramedics were able to arrive the first baby, Suzanne, was on her way. Bryan received assistance over the phone from Alison Simonds, an emergency call handler, and was talked through the delivery. Mrs Simonds admitted that she was slightly apprehensive.
“I’ve never done a twins birth before, so it was a bit nerve-wracking.”
Paramedics got there in time to oversee the delivery of Leah, who was initially in the breech position before turning herself around. Mr Townend is immensely grateful to everyone who helped.
“The call handler – I only know she’s called Alison – was brilliant. I want to say a really big thank you to the emergency services.
“I was glad when the paramedics arrived. It was a relief to have someone experienced to cope with the second delivery.”
Jonathan Rawle, the paramedic with Newshire Ambulance Service was very impressed with the way the Townends handled the situation.
“It was pretty obvious he (Mr. Townend) was pleased to see us, although in the end I didn’t do very much. Mum did most of the work.”
Both parents and babies were taken to Oveston General Infirmary where they were given a clean bill of health. They are the couple’s first children after two years of marriage.

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