Friday, 22 June 2012


This is an example of a synopsis I wrote for a college article, complete with cringey headline.

E-books re-‘kindle’ British book obsession

Statistics from the Publishers Association show that contrary to popular belief, people are becoming increasingly more interested in reading, thanks to the multitude of new technology available, which has reshaped the way people view books. The article will explore the different methods for reading such as iPad apps, Amazon’s kindle and other forms of digital publishing. It will include the Publishers Association’s statistics on e-book sales, rise in children’s book sales and voxpops from people asking whether or not they own a form of digital literature, how often they use it, and what effect they feel the boom in technological reading devices has had on the publishing industry. It will be 2000 words in length and will be aimed at a broadsheet magazine supplement.

And another...

“A pound of heroin? That’ll be £10.99 please, Sir.”

The war on drugs is a futile pursuit that wastes millions each year and causes more harm than good by facilitating crime and being an advocate for stigmatism. This article will explore the advantages of legalising and taxing illegal drugs, with financial info on how it will improve the economy (illegal drug market produces around £300 billion a year), and statistical info on how it will produce cleaner, safer drugs, and restore a sense of civility in society. It will outline the primary pitfalls and negative aspects of the war on drugs, and will promote ideas and solutions addressed in pro-legalisation discussions. It will provide comment from leading figures in the movement promoting the legalisation of drugs such as Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize winner, and Charlie Brooker, Guardian columnist. It will in no way condone drug use; merely introduce the reader into an alternative method of curtailing drug use that is more progressive than attempting to abolish it altogether. It will be 1000 words in length, intended for the younger readership of The G2 supplement of the Guardian.

one more synopsis! Sans headline. awe.

My article will be investigating the drinking habits of today’s youth and the effect it’s having on the younger generation. It will discuss the bad points such as hospitalisation, the violence it triggers and how it affects general behaviour. It will also cover how it is contributing to the public’s negative portrayal of young people as a whole and how this unfair judgement is created by the actions of a minority of youths. My article will be between 1000-1500 words in length and it will remain balanced and fair in its depiction of the facts, but will contain several opinions, including my own, from members of the public both for and against binge drinking. I will also conduct an interview with a nurse who has experienced first hand a Saturday night in A&E. I will collect any stats she can give and her own personal opinions. I will retrieve my secondary information from newspaper articles and television news stories. In the conclusion of the article, I shall state my own opinion on the matter. This article will be aimed at any members of the general public who have an interest in current affairs and have a strong opinion on binge drinking themselves, and any young people who feel like they are being victimised through the actions of others.

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