Friday, 22 June 2012

What’s on in Edinburgh

The frosty chill of winter has done its worst, but even the miserable Scottish weather has failed to dampen the spirits of Edinburgh, with anticipations running high in the few months leading up to our internationally acclaimed festival. If you can’t wait until then, here’s a few of our selections to keep you ticking over.
photo: The Pop Cop
They may look like four emotionally perturbed youngsters with a penchant for awkward silliness, but Bwani Junction have masterfully risen above the fog and have been peaking the interest of the hipster movement across the country. Armed with twin lead guitars, thundering bass, drums, and an endless backlog of inebriated anecdotes, these boys pack a hefty punch. Lead vocalist Rory Fairweather has a dazzling voice, providing a distinctive contour to Bwani’s edge. Spatterings of Orange Juice’s jangly surf-pop echo through their songs, never intruding into the completely original sound they create. The flavour they produce is divine. Go get your fill at the Fauldhouse Cricket Club, Friday 16 March.
If it’s thrills and excitement you’re after, lump your hump over to Cineworld on Dundee Street, to experience the anarchic-fuelled carnage that is Project X. The film tells the tale of three high school seniors who become disenchanted by their humdrum existences, and decide to throw a spectacular house party, destined to resonate throughout history. As word spreads, the party escalates into full-blown reckless abandon, sex drugs and alcohol running rampant throughout. Not one to bring your kids to, so be warned. Showing all this week. Go to for viewing times.
For a more family friendly approach to the Easter festivities, take a stroll along to Traquair House on Sunday 8 April for a day of scavenger hunts, egg painting, workshops and prizes (and, of course, chocolate). With over 5,000 mini eggs hidden in Traquair maze, this day-out promises to fill hours of enjoyment for children and adults alike. There is also an abundance of Easter-themed workshops to be take part in - from making your own musical instrument, to designing an Easter bonnet. The festivities begin at 12pm and are suitable for ages 2-11.
photo: Rotten Tomatoes
If you’re feeling particularly morbid, venture across to the dark side of comedy, and immerse yourself in the savage, unrelenting, but utterly brilliant workings of Doug Stanhope. Heralding from Worcester, Massachusetts, Stanhope’s vitriolic set often tears into social politics, drugs, alcohol, sex and just about every other taboo subject you can think of, turning it into a vile, filthy dudgeon of hilarious consequences. Despite his fondness of a bit of debauchery, Stanhope’s comedy is laced with lucid intelligence. He could be described as the thinker’s comedian, but only if said thinker is completely degenerate. Catch his show at the Edinburgh Playhouse on Tuesday 27 March.

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