Friday, 22 June 2012

News stories written from press releases

These news stories were written with information supplied from press releases.

Story one

The  rate of violent crime in Kirkcaldy has dropped by 11 per cent over the past year, as well as 95 per cent of crimes being solved, a new report has shown. 
Chief Inspector Mitchell of Fife Constabulary presented the results to staff members, partners and the public at the Philp Hall in Links Street.
The figures also revealed a 31 per cent drop in anti-social behaviour, and over £155,000 worth of drugs being confiscated in Kirkcaldy this year.
Chief Inspector Mitchell praised the town’s committment to achieving these results and improving them in the future.
“It is a result of the hard work by all the staff here at Kirkcaldy; our police special constables, all our partners and of course the community, and for that I am very proud.”
He also explained that the police will be looking to collaborate with young people, in further efforts to improve the community of Kirkcaldy.
“After the exams, we will be holding sessions with fifth and sixth year pupils to find new ways of working with young people.”
Previous initiatives overseen by the Chief Inspector include the Kirkcaldy Retail Watch scheme, which improved the safety of shoppers, and a campaign at Torbain Primary, which aimed to improve road safety around the town’s schools.

Story two
Festival goers at Fife’s new charity music festival ‘The Big Stooshie’ will be treated to a flying visit from a Typhoon fighter jet as events get underway on Friday 4 May.
The aircraft from 6 Squadron, RAF Leuchars will perform a flyby to greet the thousands of visitors expected to occupy The Howe Country Centre in Giffordtown, eager to see bands such as James, The Hoosiers and The Boomtown Rats perform to raise money for Help 4 Heroes and Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) Forces Help.
Station Commander at RAF Leuchars, Air Commodore Gavin Parker is delighted that the airbase is able to contribute.
“We have SSAFA personnel working here at RAF Leuchars providing invaluable support to our people and their families and it is only right that we give our backing to events raising money for charities like SSAFA and Help 4 Heroes that do so much to help personnel from the RAF and our sister services.”
The Big Stooshie is the largest charity music event to take place in Scotland this year, and hopes to attract up to 12,000 visitors from all over Scotland in its three day running. Event organisers aim to raise £100,000 for the charities and have requested that all donations be made out to the Personal Recovery Centre, Edinburgh.

Story three
There is “no convincing evidence” that mobile phones cause cancer, according to a review published by the Health Protection Agency.
The HPA stated that they have surveyed “hundreds of evidence sources”, yet there is still no proof that exposure to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields causes cancer.
RF fields are also produced by many other household appliances, such as Wi-Fi and televisions. Mobile phones produce the highest exposures to RF in daily life.
However, the review pointed out that given the relatively short time period in which mobile phones have been in widespread public use, further investigation is needed.
“There is little information on any health risks beyond 15 years of use. More information is needed on whether there is an increased risk of brain tumours and other types of cancer with longer-term mobile use and use during childhood”.
It recommends a study into the relation between brain tumours in the UK population by age and sex, and mobile phone use.
The Department of Health provides advice for people looking for safer ways to use their mobiles.
“Using a hands-free kit and texting instead of calling are both ways to reduce RF exposure. Children and young people should be encouraged to use mobile phones for essential purposes only, and should keep any calls short.”

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